Welcome to Groundswell Media

A media solutions company that understands the digital marketplace and knows how to apply this to your business

Groundswell media is a digital change business and has gained its experience by working and advicing publishing companies on the work needed to move its business on line or to develop its current online offering to gain new audience and revenue streams.

We have been described as a one stop shop for all your online media solutions and marketing needs however, whether you are looking to increase sales and/or awareness for your company, need guidance on your digital strategy, marketing, training or what a set of statistics actually means then we have the vehicles, skills & know how to help.


As an independent  company our advice and recommendations are based on what is best for your business and we are driven by an inner passion for all things digital that will help to make your business run smoother and more profitably and we do not profess to be anything else. You are experts in your field of work, we are in ours. Based in London with over 20 years experience helping businesses gain results, we are so sure we can help that we will even tie our costings into an agreed outcome.

 So whether you are looking for a training course to bring your team up to date digitally, need help planning and building an online shop to sell your products and services with innovative quality without the high costs or just need some support & guidance with your digital strategy then get in contact and we can discuss over a coffee.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Groundswell Team

Click on the link below to go straight to our services page to see what we can help you with:


Getting British Business Online

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